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7 million would have been significantly higher if not for the impact of actuarial adjustments, including $17.
8 million of after-tax actuarial adjustments to self-insurance reserves due to a decline in Workers' Compensation claims and lower costs per claim.
7 percent of revenues, including the gain on the sale of the Lathrop distribution facility and favorable actuarial adjustments to self- insurance reserves.
If the disincentives to continue working were removed from Canada's public pension regime, workers could decide when to retire without being penalized through insufficient actuarial adjustments.
One solution to this problem would be to shelter the actuarial adjustment in CPP/QPP payments from the GIS clawback.
0 million in 2008 related to actuarial adjustments to self-insurance programs.
Selling, general and administrative expenses in 1993 also included a $44,000 reduction to the Company's post retirement benefit due to actuarial adjustments to this liability.
The studies, conducted by Coopers & Lybrand on behalf of the Financial Executives Institute, the Institute of Management Accountants and the National Association of College and University Business Officers, indicated the health care claims administration systems of most employers, particularly small and medium-sized ones, are incapable of providing sufficiently reliable information to eliminate the need for actuarial adjustments to historical claims data.
Fourth quarter earnings included nine cents of benefit primarily related to actuarial adjustments to prior years' workers' compensation claim reserves.
2 Million Charge for Actuarial Adjustments for Workers' Compensation at the Closed Virginia Division
In addition, as a result of the actuarial adjustments for 1999 and prior years, the estimate of ultimate reserves for 2000 claims increased by $8.
The growth in base margins included 125 basis points from actuarial adjustments and 35 basis points from certain accounting changes.