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Speaking to Qatar Tribune in a recent interview, the ambassador noted that Ramadan, as well as Eid Al Fitr, in Qatar is a socially active month, where people take the special occasion as an opportunity to spend time with their family and friends.
Steve Bowen, Impact Forecasting associate director and meteorologist, said: "A meteorologically active month around the globe in May was highlighted by record rainfall from persistent thunderstorms across the U.
May is the most active month for tornadoes, averaging about 277 from 1995 to 2014, or approximately nine per day.
The report, by Al-Markaz Financial Center, stated that June was the most active month in terms of both the amount raised and the number of issuances.
Taxi drivers have taken on a new role as cancer educator in the novel campaign as part of International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which the UAE's Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP) charitable society says has been the most active month in their history.
Northern Manhattan also had an active month with $102.
While adjusting for January 2013 as an active month for reported deals that closed in 2012, the last half of the first quarter of 2013 will be down significantly from the same period in 2011 and 2012.
January is a very active month and we see people say 'right, this is the year I'm going to sell or buy'.
August is seasonally the most active month for rentals as returning students sign leases, while the winter months are slower, which could motivate more landlords to act.
April was the most active month for intruders, with 656 incidents recorded.