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Reflecting a more active incomes policy and moderating import prices consumer price inflation is forecast to decelerate to around 9 1/4 per cent in 1995 and to 7 per cent in 1996.
All rental activity income is subject to LOL, even when such activity meets the material participation standard for active income.
6) The analysis also assumes that the marginal taxpayer has sufficient nonland active income or previous period taxable income to exhaust relevant current period losses.
With full loss offset, if the project generates a net loss in the initial period then the third additive term is positive and captures the active income tax obligations saved by offsetting active taxable income with the current period project 1 tax loss.
Recall that taxpayers with taxable active income under $100,000 who materially participate in the land use project can offset a maximum of $25,000 of land development project losses.