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One such method allows technology to be implemented to perform inspections with electronic signatures, creating and communicating action items, electronically updating maps and the overall electronic management of all environmental documentation, management, and communication.
Even the simplest of tasks of contacting a vendor and confirming a hardware or software related issue was placed on the action item list and delegated as a task.
If current action is needed, the user simply clicks on the link and enters their user name and password when requested to access the action item and to process its transaction.
Action Item 3 Oversee the implementation of the Barnegat Bay Watershed Management Plan through the "Action Now" Agenda and as recorded by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection in "Barnegat Bay Projects.
One summarizes the information by project, listing each action item, primary person and helper, date due, and whether the step is complete (Figure II).
Other features include Action Item follow-up, form letter generation, envelope and mailing label printing, as well as addressing of all documents by selecting the information contained in the project phonebook.
In addition, the integration also ensures that no action item slips through the cracks, leading to an increased rate of on-time and on-budget completion of projects.
Along the way, the committee will request the proposal be listed as an action item on the agendas of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors and city councils in Oxnard, Ventura and Santa Barbara.
He told the Daily News: ``It's not an action item, but to receive advice in respect to constitutional obligations on the issue involved.
This joint venture was formed precisely for this purpose: to mobilize quickly on any action item announced by the Marines as the MRAP program moves forward.
There is not one action item that is going to reverse the loss of citizens in the North.
They discussed the program at a recent board meeting and will discuss the issue as an action item July 9.
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