acquisition cost

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Acquisition cost

Refers to the price (including the closing costs) to purchase another company or property.

In the context of investments, refers to price plus brokerage commissions, of a security, or the sales charge applied to load funds. See: Tax basis.

Acquisition Cost

1. The total cost for a firm to buy an asset. The acquisition cost includes all legal fees, closing costs, or other increases. Likewise, it makes allowances for discounts. Importantly, however, the acquisition cost does not include any applicable sales tax.

2. The total cost for a firm to gain a new client or customer. The acquisition cost includes marketing, discounts, networking, and other associated costs.

acquisition cost

The price and all related expenses of obtaining property; may include closing expenses,survey,inspections,and paying off adverse claimants.

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A key component of increased spending, property acquisition costs soared in 2013 with proved property costs reaching US$115.
PAC employs predictive analytics techniques to estimate acquisition cost considering various factors, including MAC benchmarks, published price lists, existing price benchmarks, drug dispensing metrics, supply-demand measures, and survey-based acquisition costs.
2) As a salient feature, auction design with information acquisition costs has been complicated by entry coordination among bidders due to multiple entry equilibria issue.
This rule includes provisions regarding the calculation of AMP-based FULs that might also affect how they compare to pharmacy acquisition costs.
Greenacre decides to hire an aircraft acquisition consultant to evaluate its current and anticipated travel needs and work with its CPA to develop acquisition costs, operating and nonoperating expenses, budgets and tax projections.
In the days of soaringdefense budgets of the 1980s, acquisition costs were hard to estimate and even harder to control.
As the number of servers attached to the network increases, so do acquisition costs for adding tape drives, manpower requirements for performing daily or weekly backups, and traffic on the LAN.
Shows from 50,001 to 100,000 net square feet experienced a 14 percent increase in attendee acquisition costs to $32.
California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco is the latest transplant center to be charged by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General with filing inaccurate Medicare cost reports for organ acquisition costs.
From an insurer's perspective, investing surplus in the acquisition costs associated with insurance or annuity products is really an investment in a complex financial security.
Lychuk involved loan acquisition costs, which were the same type of costs that a secondary purchaser incurs in evaluating whether to purchase a loan.
At SWH, 75 percent of business has involved 95 percent or more of the acquisition cost, lending up to 130 percent of acquisition costs if potential to create value exists.

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