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We've studied Achilles tendons from people who lived during the bomb pulse era, and we can conclude that their tendons have retained the very high levels of carbon-14 found during the bomb pulse and for decades afterwards.
The use of xenogenic small intestinal sub mucosa as biomaterials for Achilles tendon repair in a dog model.
Welsh, of Dalgety Bay, Fife, was sent to an orthopaedic surgeon who operated to release his left Achilles tendon.
A 47-year-old African-American male presented with a 3-day history of Achilles tendon pain.
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to assess Achilles tendon stiffness and the inter-segmental lower limb mechanics during running in a recreational runner with a long history of Achilles tendinosis.
Briefly, when a swelling is found in the Achilles tendon region, the subject is asked to dorsiflex and plantar flex his ankle.
The Birmingham City midfielder has suffered a recurrence of his achilles tendon problem and was pulled out of last night's home Premiership encounter with Charlton.
Stretching the Achilles tendon before exercise, even at the start of the day, helps maintain flexibility in the ankle joint.
BLACKBURN boss Graeme Souness fears Henning Berg's career may be over because of an Achilles tendon injury.
The Olympic bronze medalist has been told she needs an operation on a bone in her right heel which is causing pain in the Achilles tendon.
Athletes who experience painful Achilles tendon injuries could prevent them by being more careful when selecting athletic shoes, according to Michael K.
My surgeon later diagnosed the injury as "weekend warrior tears Achilles tendon.