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If the distribution of tool error is normal, as illustrated in Figure 2, (that is it follows the typical bell-curve distribution) then various ways of stating ILI accuracy can be compared and converted.
For example, Table 1 shows the number of formula candidates produced for a given mass accuracy for an ion at 399 Da.
Bias (direction of judgment errors) and accuracy (magnitude of judgment errors) measures of self-efficacy calibration were computed according to procedures suggested by Pajares and Graham (1999), Pajares and Miller (1997), Schraw et al.
Equation (3) indicates that a relative accuracy of A-asymmetry measurements of [10.
A fire and evaluation team was created to quantitatively describe the accuracy improvements of the process.
Even for library and information scientists, however, accuracy is the sine qua non of quality information sources.
The important point is that this system enhancement improved the accuracy of information in the MDS database by effectively eliminating invalid data values.
Machine tool spec sheets typically guarantee accuracy on a linear or two-dimensional basis.
Driving accuracy, measured by fairways hits per round, proved to be the least important factor, influencing scoring average less than 1.
Studies conducted by Ickes and others over the past 6 years suggest that individuals often attain considerable empathic accuracy with friends, lovers, and even strangers.
The driving force for dimensional accuracy in the automotive manufacturing industry is the marketplace's demand for higher performance, efficient, reliable, compact and lighter car engines.
First to Offer IEEE 1588 Test and Measurement Capabilities for High Accuracy Time Transfer over Ethernet Networks

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