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For the accumulated value in 2015, E-bit/Buscape predicts that e-commerce shall reach R$ 41.
If they fail to pay the interest and the accumulated value reaches the value of the gold, we notify the customers to clear the loan along with the interest or leave their jewellery to us, which we then sell.
Celebrating its 5th anniversary this year, the Dubai Pre-Owned Boat Show 2014, the only event of its kind in the region open to buyers and sellers from across the Middle East, is launching in November and looking to build on the success of the 2013 event, where vessels worth an accumulated value of Dh15 million were sold.
Addressing the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) in Dubai, the UAE's Minister of Economy, Sultan Saeed Al Mansoori, said that the accumulated value of foreign direct investment in the country amounted to more than $92 billion.
In 1999, Poland replaced its defined-benefits system, which sets pensions as a percentage of final salary at retirement, with one in which pensions are based on the accumulated value of contributions during a person's working life.
All that is required now is to ensure that the accumulated value of the member is able to meet the demand.
Step One: Payments during the First Year (Table A)--The number of accumulated points for the first 10 payments of 2010 is the March 1 accumulated value from table A of 1,683.
If she dies in 20 years without ever needing LTC, her heirs would receive a guaranteed $104,594, which is equal to the contract's accumulated value.
In a universal life contract, policy value, accumulated value, or cash value (depending on the insurer's terminology) are the internal policy values before the surrender charge is subtracted; and
These values are true current values with the last stored value being added to the current accumulated value when the applicable register is read.
An individual can use savings within an RRSP to purchase an annuity on retirement that has a discounted present value (over the pensioner's life expectancy) equal to the accumulated value of his or her contributions to the RRSP.
For example, an 8 percent roll-up rate creates $125,971 in three years but actual accumulated value might only be $106,000.
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