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This can benefit the investor, as the accumulated amount may help to meet or exceed a "breakpoint", a level of investment at which the sales charge is reduced; by paying a lower sales charge, the investor can put more of their money to work immediately.
Prior to Notice 2004-15, these annuitants had only one opportunity to establish their payment schedule, based on their expected mortality and the accumulated amount in the contract.
9 million the accumulated amount of "Income from Securities" booked at 30 September 2001, due to the fact that actual contributions from participated companies, namely Eureko B.
For starters, the accumulated amount of operating fund and investment capital by domestic banks and their subsidiaries (such as leasing or venture capital) in mainland China cannot exceed 15% of the banks' total book values, while the accumulated amount by financial holding companies and its subsidiaries cannot surpass 10% of the financial holding companies' total book values.
The accumulated amount of Japan's overdue national taxes hit a record high 2,814.
9 million multi-year contract received in August 2006, these orders bring the total accumulated amount to $183.
Since the launch of the business in 2009, ICBC has conducted an accumulated amount of RMB5 trillion cross-border RMB businesses, which forcefully promoted the cross-border use of RMB.
The mail volume is the accumulated amount for 17 agencies participating in the centralized service contract.
The accumulated amount from all the Zeinah customers will be transferred to a Zeinah charity account and donated to registered charity organisations for women related activities.
Health conscious people are concerned about the negative effects of accumulated amount of oil, sugar and salt in their body.
As at end of December 2014, the accumulated amount of personal loan for private use taken out in Hong Kong added up to approximately HK$ 320 billion (Source: HKMA Monthly Statistical Bulletin Feb 2015, Table: 3.