accounts receivable

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Accounts receivable

Money owed by customers.

Accounts Receivable

1. Money that a customer owes a company for a good or service purchased on credit. Accounts receivable are current assets for a company and are expected to be paid within a short amount of time, often 10, 30, or 90 days. See also: Collection period.

2. A unit within a company's accounting department that deals with accounts receivable.

accounts receivable

Money owed to a business by customers who have bought goods or services on credit. Accounts receivables are current assets that continually turn into cash as customers pay their bills. Also called receivables.

accounts receivable

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Currently, First Capital provides accounts receivable and inventory financing to businesses located East of the Rocky Mountains by either purchasing the businesses' accounts receivable or by structuring a working capital loan secured by its accounts receivable and inventory.
Like us, they know that businesses can realize tremendous growth and enhanced financial performance by improving their accounts receivable management.
Because we handle a company's business transactions electronically, we can show a lender the accounts receivable history for that company," said Mai.
As medical group employees move through daily administrative tasks, athenahealth's intelligent system provides users with the appropriate insurer codes and rules, resulting in a systematic reduction in claims processing errors, a significant drop in the number of denied claims, an accelerated accounts receivable cycle and dramatically reduced claims processing costs.
The new Accounts Receivables Analytics application gives finance managers a single source to track days sales outstanding, monitor pre-payments and deductions, and perform powerful cash forecasting across a wide range of dimensions, including time, region, customer, collection manager, and product family.
This contract is being awarded based on our company's successful track record of managing accounts receivable, forensic accounting and debt recovery for hospitals and other types of healthcare organizations, as well as dealing effectively with the financial institutions and court officials involved," Brovenick said.
As partners, Kaulkin Partners and PSC will deliver a full array of custom tailored solutions to the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry.
GSI assumes all collection activity for securitized accounts receivable and works closely with the processor in the collection of the accounts.
Emagia Collaborative Finance Suite will be deployed over Syngenta's SAP Financials and rolled out to the entire accounts receivables collections department.
3 helps distributors better manage their accounts receivables and customer service processes, leading to increased customer satisfaction and improved cash flow," said Randy Keith, president of Aperum.
com/) is providing accounts receivable management and collections, recovery reporting and information management services on the remaining receivables of two well-known hospitals in metropolitan West Palm Beach.
RTA) an executive search firm bringing executive leaders in credit and accounts receivables management to corporate America, today announced that it will host the first annual Billion Dollar Forum to be held at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.
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