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Students are taught to accordion fold the pages for the book.
2 Demonstrate how to make these shapes as well as a spiral and an accordion fold.
Books also do not have to open from a left sided binding; perhaps a top binding would be of greater interest, or an accordion fold, or a fan pleat.
Through a design process that Guitron describes as "mostly trial and error," the researchers arrived at a rectangular robot with accordion folds perpendicular to its long axis and pinched corners that act as points of traction.
2 - Make 11/2-inch wide accordion folds, creasing each fold.
Several paper artists lead the viewer through numerous paper forming processes from simple to complex, including quilling techniques, accordion folds, and scoring methods.
The first section describes the basic tools and materials that may be needed for different forms of book construction, and introduces a variety of basic techniques ranging from accordion folds to complex stitching methods.