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Keywords: Absorbed dose, Cobalt-60, Gamma radiations, Phantoms, Ion chamber.
The top member here again is Latvia with 30% of European funds absorbed, followed by Lithuania and Slovenia.
Nearly 8 million square feet was absorbed in the Northern and Central New Jersey industrial market in 2006.
The branches absorbed some of the radiation and became warmer--"like little solar ovens," says Sturm.
15032(d)(3)(i)(A) states that a parent's basis in a member's stock does not increase by a DCL incurred by the member, but not absorbed by the consolidated group, in a particular year.
As for food and water contamination, aluminum probably isn't much of a threat because most of it passes right through the intestines without being absorbed.
Less than 20% of nonheme iron, the type found in non-animal-product foods, is absorbed into the body when consumed.
The USS/DG[TM] division of United States Surgical, a division of Tyco Healthcare Group LP, has introduced the Caprosyn[TM] (polyglytone 6211) monofilament synthetic absorbable suture, the most rapidly absorbed USP synthetic suture developed to date.
With ClearWeld, the laser passes through the clear plastic, but stops at the joint, where it is absorbed by the ink and generates enough heat to create a weld.
The brain then assimilates and changes the thoughts and ideas which it has absorbed and changes them into character and personality.
Most healthcare settings surround patients/residents with hard, smooth, nonporous surfaces that cause sound to bounce from one surface to another without being absorbed.