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If the epoch of the era of Azes was 47/6 BC = AE 201, this era was itself was the second centennial of the Arsacid era.
The era started in spring of 47 BC or autumn 48 BC, and is most likely the Azes era.
This date of Gorpiaios 172 is not intercalary (embolimos/yambulima) when based on an Azes era which is identical with the Vikrama samvat era.
Since the difference between the Azes and Yavana eras is known to be 128 years in spring-based calendars, and since the Yavana Macedonian year was behind the Yavana Indian year, the epoch of the era of the Yavanas has to move too and lands in BC 175/4, almost exactly as estimated by Cribb and errington on other grounds.
It is hardly coincidental that Kaniska's year 1 is now identical with year 301 in the Yavana era, and that year 1 of Azes is year 201 in the Arsacid era.
Dates in the Azes era use a mixture of Iranian and Indian terms, whereas the Kusanas prefer Macedonian terms throughout, both in their era and in month names.