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The ACCC welcomes AWB amending these contract terms, and reminds companies that they bear the responsibility of ensuring their standard form contracts comply with the unfair contract terms law.
AWB serves as both the state's chamber of commerce and the manufacturing and technology association.
To test the direct effects of EWC and AWB on WE, Hierarchical regression analysis was conducted.
it's With Gorrie and Onnie still at the helm, AWB remain a big live draw, and are still recording, with their latest album, AWB R&B, capturing the band in their element.
The head honcho of one of my favourite bands wants to write a song "We'd played with AWB before in Glasgow a couple of years earlier, so he knew what sort of sound to aim for.
Mr Potts explained: "Without the restrictions of the AWB, we now have the opportunity for workers and employers to look more widely at the total employment package.
But shadow rural affairs minister Antoinette Sandbach said the Wales AWB was "all about jobs for the boys on another quango".
The AWB case began in May 2012 when Gamal and Al, along with other officials from the bank's board, were referred to a criminal court for being charged with violating the stock market and the Central Bank of Egypt rules to illegally profit from trades on shares of AWB.
Subsequently, we focused on the three AWBs, namely, NC-AWB, GC-AWB and LBC-AWB, due to the fact that so far the implementation of reforms in Sindh Province has been limited to those areas.
As there were so many on board the casualty, the offer of transferring to the AWB was given, to lighten the load when entering Rhyl harbour, due to the swift waters there during the harbour reconstruction.
The price includes assumption of debt, repayment of inter-company funding, working capital released from AWB Harvest Finance Ltd and other estimated adjustments, the vendor said in a press release.
Agricultural company Agrium Inc (TSX:AGU) (NYSE:AGU) reported on Wednesday that Cargill Incorporated has received Australian regulatory clearance for its proposed acquisition of AWB Limited's Commodity Management Business from Agrium.