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This resolution came in line with the AUS launch of the new bachelor's degree program in industrial engineering in Fall Semester 2012, offering a distinctive curriculum that combines logistics, supply chain management as well as quality and maintenance engineering," Dr.
We offer most of the main engineering majors," said the AUS Chancellor.
This endowed scholarship fund will be devoted to meeting the needs of AUS undergraduate students.
Moreover, the AUS Alumni Association is also creating another scholarship fund called the Dr Ebrahim Al Sadek Alumni Scholarship Fund for the same purpose.
More information on AUS Consultants' "National Power Grid Upgrade Survey" may be found at www.
More information on the AUS Consultants' "National Power Grid Upgrade Survey" may be found at www.
I look forward to building on the AUS reputation by serving the needs of our clients and positioning AUS as the leader in the marketplace.
The AUS WAP browser not only supports mobile phones, but also PDAs, such as handheld devices running Palm OS(R).
AU-System's latest mobile Internet browser, AUS WAP Browser 2.
1998: NZ 23 Aus 27, Aus 24 NZ 16; 1997: NZ 36 Aus 24, Aus 18 NZ 33, NZ 30 Aus 13; 1996: Aus 25 NZ 32, NZ 43 Aus 6; 1995: Aus 23 NZ 34, NZ 28 Aus 16; 1994: Aus 20 NZ 16; 1993: NZ 25 Aus 10; 1992: Aus 23 NZ 26, Aus 19 NZ 17, Aus 16 NZ 15; 1991: Aus 16 NZ 6 (in Dublin), NZ 6 Aus 3, Aus 21 NZ 12; 1990: NZ 9 Aus 21, NZ 27 Aus 17, NZ 21 AUS 6.
AUS was awarded Industrial Excellence honors from the area chapters of the Water Environment Association both in Reading, Pa.
AU-System, a leading Mobile Internet consultancy, has signed an agreement to deliver the AUS WAP Browser to Motorola, a global leader in providing integrated communications solutions and embedded electronic solutions.