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The last members of the royal family who lived in the palace were Ashi Choekey's family; they moved their base to Thimphu, the new capital of the country, in 1971.
Miss Ashi, who also wears Muslim headdress, believes that for several years leading up to the Woolwich murder race relations in the Welsh capital had improved.
According to press reports, Ashi and Abdo were dragged out of their taxi and shot dead at a Fatah roadblock in Gaza City.
JAPAN Classic Traveller (0800 988 5843) offers 10- night escorted tour from May 15 from pounds 1,699, via Tokyo, incl Lake Ashi cruise, bullet train journey, stunning temples and shrines.
Ashi Malik, whose sister Sonia works for Mencap's Midlands fund-raising team, earned pounds 150 for covering the eight miles of the fun run, in Sutton Coldfield.
Helga Wall-Apelt, whose collection of Asian art has been bequeathed to the Ringling Museum, was appointed to the Leadership Committee of the Smithsonian Institution's Folk Life Festival for 2008, meaning she had the chance to visit Bhutan, the festival's featured country, and sip tea with Her Royal Highness Ashi Dorli Wangmo Wangchuck, Queen of Bhutan.
Celebrating the award (from left) Fahim Safi, aged five, Ashi Oza, seven, Saira Afsan, six, Simrundeep Jandu, seven, fitness instructor Owen Wint, Andy Sheridan, head of PE at President Kennedy School, PE co-ordinator Linda Cobble, Adam Pollock, 11, David Nguyen, 10, and Reena Mahal, eight.
White, director of aquatic safety programs at ASHI.
Mr Joe Dilger (president British Junior Chamber), Ms Ashi Arora (president Manchester Junior Chamber), Rt Hon Clare Short MP (Secretary of State for International Development), Dr Bela Arora (president Birmingham Junior Chamber), Cllr Jim Whorwood (deputy lord mayor), Mrs Whorwood, Ms Lorna Bainbridge (chairman for BJC Central Region); right, Miss Tarmara Stezhka and Mr Trevor Pries
The victim, believed to be 22 year-old Ashi Walker, from Bromford, Birmingham, is understood to have been murdered in a tit-for-tat killing between feuding gangs.
According to Marti Bailey, the American Society of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics offers the ASHI Outstanding Technologist Award (OTA).