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Advise the Commander, 112th MI Brigade (Provisional), on ASAS training policy.
To fulfill our mission, we continue to offer both the ASAS Master Analyst Course (3A-F7/232-ASI1F) and the ASAS Instructor Certification Course.
ASAS is based on the A-Key, a proprietary chip-based authentication token that is smaller than a typical house key and is plugged directly into the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port of any personal computer, laptop, thin client or other terminal device.
He considers the Y merger successful because it combines two powerful brands (Dallas After-School All-Stars and the Dallas YMCA), brings the expertise of the current ASAS staff into the YMCA organization, continues to smoothly deliver creative programming to all current ASAS participants, and fosters program expansion to ultimately involve and positively influence youth living not only in the southern sector but throughout the Dallas area.
The developers heard what the users need and will work to incorporate these ideas into future ASAS systems.
Mike Strack is the acting TRADOC System Manager (TSM) for ASAS.
The ASAS also serves as a prototype for the Achievement Standards Network (ASN) now under development for the National Science Digital Library (NSDL).
The successful demonstration of ASAS is a significant achievement for this team, and BAE SYSTEMS is proud to be part of this achievement," said Sue Wood, managing director of BAE SYSTEMS Avionic Systems, based in Rochester, U.