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APT (1)

APT (2)

Arbitrage Pricing Theory

A pricing model that seeks to calculate the appropriate price of an asset while taking into account systemic risks common across a class of assets. The APT describes a relationship between a single asset and a portfolio that considers many different macroeconomic variables. Any security with a price different from the one predicted by the model is considered mispriced and is an arbitrage opportunity. An investor may use the arbitrage pricing theory to find undervalued securities and assets and take advantage of them. The APT is considered an alternative to the capital asset pricing model.
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Certified tour guides from APT will be present to answer questions
Ricky Yiu, Deputy General Manager of APT Datamatrix Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of APT.
De Los Santos and Wright (1989) further indicated that traditional students have fewer responsibilities outside the educational environment, thus they are more apt to expect recognition and consideration of their responsibilities within the educational environment.
Michiels reported that the APT resin matches the processability of Affinity plastomers from Dow Plastics, Midland, Mich.
Over the past few years, a number of offshore financial centers have passed legislation designed to lend clarity to APT issues, thus providing a substantial degree of certainty to this rapidly developing planning area.
Likewise, through on-going investment into research and development, APT has successfully delivered high-fidelity, real-time audio codec technology - namely Enhanced apt-X, apt-X for wireless , apt-X Live, apt-X Voice - through licensing agreements into broadcast, pro audio, audio-over-IP, and consumer electronics markets.
Perhaps not enough attention has been paid to APT remediation - what to do once an APT has been detected.
In areas where unemployment decreased year-over-year, the APT Index of retail sales increased[+1.
A new mortgage of $1,985,500 was placed by Meridian on a 31 unit, 6 story apt.
Under the terms of the investment agreement, Jim Manzi, the company's Chief Executive Officer, will remain in his current role and, together with the APT senior management team, will continue to operate the company.
Headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland, APT has sales offices in Japan, Germany and the USA.
A new mortgage of $2 million was placed by Meridian on a 47 unit, 12 story apt.