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As if the conflict-prone nature of the Horn of Africa were not sufficient to frustrate the creation of an IGAD peace and security architecture, other challenges were identified in the research and roundtable discussions of the APFO project.
Project Ploughshares and APFO remain engaged in discussions on CPA implementation in Sudan, and are exploring opportunities for further research and dialogue on Sudan's elections, which are scheduled for 2009, and Southern Sudan's referendum on separation, slated in the CPA for 2011.
There are many Somali refugees in Kenya, and APFO kept considering what we could do to help.
It was suggested that this is a concrete initiative that APFO and Project Ploughshares could follow up as part of their ongoing work.
2006) who reported that branched APFO dosages administered orally to rats resulted in considerably lower serum PFOA concentrations compared with the same dosages (3, 10, and 30 mg/kg/day) of 100% linear or an 80% linear/20% branched mixture of APFO, although additional differences could also be attributable to variation in isomer absorption in the gastrointestinal tract.
APFO was present at the Ministerial meeting and has been calling on the Nairobi Secretariat to acknowledge more formally the on-going cooperation between NGOs and government and to develop a process by which their expertise can be more effectively utilized.
The principal design features in an APFO are the geometry of the heel and arch sections.
With the development of its new emulsifier technology, Dyneon is on track to be the first to achieve the goal of eliminating the use of PFOA, in particular, its ammonium salt, APFO, which has played a historical role as a polymerization aid in the manufacture of certain fluoropolymers," said Shome Bag, marketing specialist Energy & Environment 3M Gulf.
Lab tests have shown that this chemical, known as APFO, is toxic and may cause cancer in animals.
Even though its focus had changed, APFO cosponsored (with ACA) the first Women's Caucus for women employees in 1975.
In cooperation with The Fluoropolymer Manufacturers Group (FMG), a part of the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI), DuPont has committed to reduce emissions from fluoropolymer manufacturing sites worldwide and will also reduce APFO content in aqueous fluoropolymer dispersions used for coatings applications.
Kelydra, West Virginia's top high school youth volunteer, was honored for inventing a way to purify drinking water in her community by developing a test for the presence of APFO (ammonium perfluorooctanoate), and then creating a method for removing the chemical from water.