Projected benefit obligation

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Projected benefit obligation (PBO)

A measure of a pension plan's liability at the calculation date assuming that the plan is ongoing and will not terminate in the foreseeable future. Related: Accumulated benefit obligation.

Projected Benefit Obligation

An estimate of the present value of the future liability of an employee's pension. The projected benefit obligation assumes that the employee will continue to work and make contributions to the pension plan. It also assumes that contributions will increase as the employee's salary also increases. See also: Accumulated benefit obligation.
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APBO 20 also prescribed certain disclosures about the use of estimates in financial accounting in general, but such disclosures only rose to the forefront in 1994 with the Accounting Standards Executive Committee's (AcSEC) issuance of Statement of Position (SOP) 94-6, Disclosure of Certain Significant Risks and Uncertainties (ASC 275).
FAS 141 carries forward the specific measures of fair value from APBO 16.
Please provide the following information regarding the assumptions used to compute the net periodic postretirement benefit cost and APBO.
Until then, governments generally should follow the "pooling of interest" financial reporting guidance in APBO 16, Business Combinations.
Also, since restructuring charges were liberally defined under APBO 30, firms were charging off costs which would benefit continuing operations, such as expenditure for equipment, costs associated with relocating and training employees, advertising and legal costs, etc.
APBO #15, as amended and interpreted, has been criticized as having complex and arbitrary provisions.
The APBO is the actuarial present value of future benefits based on employees' service rendered to the measurement date.
Since 1973, APBO 29, Accounting for Nonmonetary Transactions, permitted an exception to this fair value principle for exchanges involving "similar productive assets.
Authoritative support for this position can be found in APBO No.
The APBO is the actuarial present value of all future benefits based on employees' service rendered up to the measurement date.