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An independent review sets out a 10 year vision and makes 67 recommendations to ensure Scotlands legal aid system is simpler, user-focused and more flexible as well as sustainable and cost-effective.
Ms Gascoyne has played a pivoltal role in the Legal Aid strike that took place last year in protest against cuts to the legal aid system.
ISLAMABAD -- Strengthening transparency as well as accountability mechanism along with vivid legal aid system is very much crucial to ensure effective rule of law and access to justice.
He added: "It is imperative that discussions on reforms protect the best interests of those in need of support from the legal aid system.
According to a UNDP statement, the meeting tackled the necessary guidelines to build a legal aid system capable of providing high quality services at the national level and facilitate access to these services by the largest possible segments of society.
Accenture Federal Services announced on Thursday the award of 10-year, USD966m contract by the US Department of Education to continue operations and maintenance of the federal financial aid system.
Vera Baird QC has been left frustrated after the House of Commons Justice Committee revealed ndings in a report on the impact of controversial changes to the Legal Aid system in 2012 which showed more than a third of victims no longer qualify.
Since the beginning of its implementation in 2011, the free legal aid system has faced serious challenges.
I am becoming more disgusted at BritainOs legal aid system day by day.
BARRISTERS are going on strike today to protest at cuts to the legal aid system.
TENS of thousands of hard-up Britons will be denied justice under sweeping changes to Britain's Legal Aid system, warns Sunday Mirror consumer rights champion Dean Dunham.
A SENIOR barrister has criticised the UK Government's proposed changes to the legal aid system, believing they would hit hardworking families the hardest, as well as "decimating" the Bar of England and Wales.
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