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Beginning with June 2009 ABC statements, magazines may report paid digital editions in two categories: "replica," where the advertising and editorial content exactly match the printed publication, and "nonreplica," where the basic identity and content are similar to the printed edition but the articles and advertising may differ.
This information will be available to ABC-member advertisers and advertising agencies in a password-protected area of ABC's Web site, not on ABC statements.
Source: 6/30/01 ABC Statements & Nielsen Media Research study conducted 2/01, based on 1200 total sites; Student Monitor Fall 2000, viewership includes duplication.
Qualified programs may run past that date for the duration of the initial agreement and be reported as "paid" on corresponding ABC statements.
We've always believed we have the strongest games titles in the market; our performance in the second half of 2001 and our December 2001 ABC statements are now the proof.
Known in the industry as FAS-FAX reports, the ABC statements are issued at the end of every March and September.