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5 million lb in 2009, and are expected to realize AAGR of 5.
The strongest international passenger demand growth is forecast for the Middle East, with an AAGR of 6.
4] Without making any adjustment for variations in expected outcomes, the Laspeyres-type treatment episode price index fell from 100 in 1991 to 95 in 1996, an AAGR of minus one percent.
forecasts an overall lower AAGR of 10% to year 2004.
Growing at an AAGR of 87 percent, the overall revenue stream for service providers to customers for all service types will rise to $90.
Through 2003, these US markets are forecast to grow at an AAGR of 38 percent and reach $100 B in 2003.
All figures in billions of dollars AAGR 1994 1995 1996 2000 1994-2000
The furniture market is expected to experience the highest growth with an AAGR of 4.
2 billion in 2005, and it is predicted to grow at an AAGR of 72% to almost $1.
NORWALK, CT -- Sales of digital home entertainment gear will reach $411 billion by 2010, an AAGR of almost 20% over the $166 billion posted in 2005, said BCC Research (bccresearch.
Microbial blends are expected to see the largest increase from $48 million to $75 million by 2006, posting an AAGR of 9%.