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I would highly recommend the organisation Survivors of Bereavement By Suicide, which she can contact via its helpline on 0044 300 111 5065, or through the website at uk-sobs.
com or at any of these locations: North A1A Office, 5065 North A1A; Commercial Group, 5065 North A1A; Cardinal Drive Office, 3206 Cardinal Drive; Ocean Park Office, 1020 Easter Lily Lane; Downtown Office, 1961 14th Avenue; or by telephone: 772.
To sponsor Grace, call the Bliss hairdressing salon at Sandwell College on 0121 667 5065.
The glass transition temperature/Tg of HNBR 4367 polymer is -22[degrees]C, and that of the other HNBR 5008, AT 5005 and AT 5065 polymers is -13[degrees]C.
Other people can find out if they are eligible by calling 0845 606 5065.
The company's brands ( including Cafedirect, 5065, Teadirect and Cocodirect ( are sold through most of the major supermarkets.
MULL Historical Society's Colin MacIntyre has joined the line-up for Flight 5065.
Neil McLeod is the brand manager at Fairtrade coffee supplier Cafedirect, but his job focus has recently turned from promoting the company's coffee brands, including instant coffee 5065, to mixing with the stars.
Chronicle 2003 Young Reviewer winner Alison Carr's high-energy Patricia Quinn Saved My Life (PQSML) was staged at the compact Cafe Direct 5065 Lift in the Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, as part of this year's Fringe.
The Fairtrade mark, designed by brand consultancy Interbrand, will initially appear on Fairtrade bananas, Cafedirect 5065 and Clipper Fairtrade teas, with all products expected to carry the new mark by the end of 2003.
Next time you want to get away from it all, why not give yourself a lift with 5065 - the new premium instant coffee from Cafdirect 5065 symbolises the optimum altitude where the finest coffees grow.
The four main transactions that comprise the 1996 Manhattan Land Price Index involve three separate sites in Midtown: an assemblage by The Durst Organization in the Times Square district; a full square block at 383 Madison Avenue in the Grand Central district; and the Heron II site at 5065 East 55th Street.