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Founded in 2008, BrightScope (recently acquired by Strategic Insight) is a fintech and data company that delivers enterprise-grade SaaS solutions to many of the world's largest asset managers and helped pioneer an industry-standard rating for 401k plan quality.
We will be using some of these tax savings to increase Havertys' match of employee contributions to our 401k Plan, enhance employees' medical flexible reimbursement accounts, and increase starting hourly wages".
If your employer offers a 401K plan, seize the opportunity.
Other topics are so advanced that they seem to cater to teens' parents (managing your 401k plan fees, improving your credit score, procuring homeowner's insurance).
3) "The 4 Critical Elements of a Successful 401k Plan Education Program," (February 28, 2012)--The year 2012 saw a dramatic shift away from focusing on investments to one of focusing on saving.
The ESOP plan is an addition to the company's existing successful 401k plan, employee family scholarship opportunities, industry competitive wages and generous health care benefits.
AMR proposes new pilot 401k plan during labor talks.
Set up a new 401K retirement plan by rolling over the funds from your old 401k to the new 401K plan.
The outside administrator of a 401k plan skimmed funds from the plan.
Starting April 1, we will suspend company contributions to the 401K plan, and for members of the pension plan, we will freeze the credits for additional service.
The pilots reportedly approved the agreement by an 83% margin, and gained a 20% pay increase over the four-year term of the contract, as well as an enhanced 401k plan.