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It also provides strategic assessment and profiles of leading firms shaping polymer 3D printing technology and related material suppliers and vendors.
Among all powder types, the metal powders segment has dominated the global 3D printing powder market
Studies have strongly shown that the construction industry is ready to take advantage of 3D printing and its benefits.
This makes sense, if your need for 3D printing is frequent or calls for large quantities of raw materials.
Describe the advantages and limitations of the main 3D printing technologies.
Paradigm 3D and the new 3D printing services division was created by D2M Solutions to be dedicated to providing professional 3D printing services both locally in the UAE and to the wider Middle East area from this regional hub.
3D print creation software, 3D scanners and 3D printing service bureaus,
Representatives from dozens of local manufacturing firms attended the workshop in the NI Technology Centre at Queen's University which looked at international developments in 3D printing and additive manufacturing as well as government investment in R&D around the issue.
With the new experience centers, both small businesses and consumers are able to learn more about 3D printing through demonstration areas where they can use design software and see 3D Systems printers in action.
The 3D printing industry is rapidly growing, with the Technology Strategy Board estimating the industry could be worth up to $100bn by 2020 (from $1.
monochrome 3D printing systems going for $25,000 and full-color systems for $50,000, Kawola asks: Why would anyone not make a part every day during the design process?
MINNEAPOLIS -- (NASDAQ: SSYS) Stratasys released a video and case study today demonstrating how 3D printing helped 4-year old Emma Lavelle overcome the limitations of a congenital disorder, allowing her to use her arms for the first time.