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For more information on programs offered by JumpBunch on Southeast Long Island or to bring JumpBunch to your town call Winkie Schultz at 631 585 3577 or email @ wschultz@jumpbunch.
In the wake of Supreme Court (SC) verdict, the NRO was declared null and void and the as many as 3577 cases which were quashed under NRO have been reopened in Sindh.
For more information call 0844 463 3577 or visit www.
For further information on Peace One Day ring 0151-639 3577.
This runs counter to the European Commission's claim that the requirement conflicts with the freedom of movement principle specified in Regulation 3577.
Company: Pamela Worley LLC Headquarters Address: PO Box 3577 Grapevine, TX 76099 Main Telephone: 214-573-7999 Website: www.
Liberalisation will be complete from November 2002 (Regulation 3577 had set a deadline of 2004, brought forward at the request of Greece), when the two following categories of island cabotage services are opened up to competition in Greece: regular passenger transport and ro-ro ferry services, and services involving ships under 650 gross tonnes.