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According to the Ministry of Health, yesterday's clashes death toll has reached 467 while 3572 were listed injured.
Some 3572 others were wounded in the crackdown and ensuing clashes across Egypt, according to health ministry spokesman Mohamed Fathallah, Ahram Online reported.
Cairo, August 15th (BNA) --The Egyptian Ministry of Health announced yesterday the rising of the death toll of yesterday clashes occurred in Cairo and the other governorates to 421 deaths and 3572 injuries.
And 19-year-old Barry Smith, who was jailed for eight years for his role in the killing, has received pounds 3572 in aid.
Tickets costs pounds 6 each and are available on the door or by calling 024 7654 3572.
Damascus, (SANA) -- The value of the Industrial Bank's development loans offered in 2010 amounted to SYP 5,055 billion and the number of beneficiaries reached 3572 clients.
The number of detainees in Taji Detention camp, according to the latest statistics early this month, stated that there are 4585 detainees in it after having Bucca Prison, in Um Qasr, closed in med September and transferring its detainees to Taji Detention facilities, north of Baghad, and Camp Cropper, near Baghdad International Airport, in which there are 3572 detainees.
Details are available on 0121 464 3572, 0121 464 2222, at www.
But the Scottish Office spends about pounds 3572 per head sending kids to private schools in their assisted places scheme.
Tickets are pounds 5 or pounds 4 for concessions from 024 764 3572.
Tania Goode on 024 7636 3572 or Angela Gilman on 024 7636 0138.
Delivery Schedule: 6620 Nos In 2 To 3 Months And Balance Qty 3572 Nos To Commence After 01-04-2015 But Supply Before 31-05-2014.