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25 represents a 53% premium over the average closing price of Ranger's common shares for the 20 day period preceding the commencement of the Company's strategic alternatives review process on April 5, 2000 of Cdn $5.
NCRIC Group is reverting to its original ticker symbol of "NCRI" as a result of the conclusion of the 20 day period.
Standard Pacific's shares will be valued based on their average trading price for a 20 day period prior to consummation of the merger, provided that in no event will the shares be valued at less than $11.
The Inrena observations are a first preliminary review that by law must be concluded in a 20 day period.
It is expected that the 20 day period will conclude on August 15, 1995.
Terms of the acquisition call for Laramide ("LAM") to acquire APR for initial consideration of Cdn $1,000,000 payable in Laramide shares with pricing determined based on the trading price of LAM for the 20 day period beginning June 24, 2002, provided however that the number of LAM shares to be issued as initial consideration (the "Purchase Shares") will not be less than 5.
The precise exchange ratio will be based on the average price of BISYS stock for the 20 day period prior to closing.
00 per share, or (ii) the total volume of the shares of surviving corporation common stock during such 20 day period does not equal or exceed 1,500,000 shares.
The Preferred Stock is convertible for a period of three years into shares of VCIX Common Stock at the lesser of a) 110%-120% of the closing bid price on the conversion date and b) 90% of the lowest closing bid price of the Common Stock over a 20 day period prior to the conversion date.
The exchange ratio will depend on the average trading price per share of the SunGard common stock during the 20 day period ending and including the trading days two days before the closing of the merger and is designed to give FDP shareholders $14.