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My purpose was a run to Quebec in "Postal Packet 162 or such other as may be appointed"; and the Postmaster-General himself countersigned the order.
Asa Gray's 'Manual of the Flora of the Northern United States,' 260 naturalised plants are enumerated, and these belong to 162 genera.
In this long-term evaluation, 162 consecutive patients with symptomatic BPH were treated under local anesthesia with TUNA and were followed for five years in two different centers.
FlameOut(r) was selected as it is the only NFPA 18 approved fire suppressant with UL 162 listing for hydrocarbon encapsulation.
162 because the taxpayer's only purpose was to fix the leak and, thus, keep the leased property in an operating condition over its probable useful life and for the uses for which it acquired the property, and not to prolong the property's life or increase its value.
Dow, a leading science and technology company that provides innovative chemical, plastic and agricultural products and services to many essential consumer markets, employs 39,000 employees worldwide, and serves customers in 162 countries.
162 and 174, and which they have to capitalize under Sec.
162 ordinary and necessary business expenses the costs of permanently improving leased property in 1995; and
We were able to meet INFN design requirements by using our AlBeMet(R) 162 composite material," explained Christopher Dorn, Electrofusion Products director.
12) Alternatively, for g 162 purposes, the "proper result" may be one that preserves the corporate tax base from erosion by self-rewarding managers.
162, The Hierarchy of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (SFAS 162), was issued by the FASB in May 2008 for nongovernmental entities.
Cabrera played in all 162 games in both 2001 and 2003 with the Expos, and last season he played in 161 games combined with the Expos and Red Sox.