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pdf) 1040EZ form, which has only one page that need to be filled 
5) Forms 1040/A/EZ are the sum of the paper and electronic Forms 1040, 1040A, and 1040EZ Form 1040 PC was discontinued in CY 2000.
Fill out the 1040EZ form (while reading all the fine print), mall it before the April 15 deadline, then wait for your refund check.
That's good news for people who prefer to file the 1040EZ form rather than itemize their deductions.
However, experience with the 1040EZ form does not inspire confidence along this line.
I file a 1040EZ form and using the Internet seems like the next best thing," Lerum said.
The amounts can be located on Line 10 of the 1040EZ form and Line 56 on the 1040 form.
The sites were ranked in order of the time and effort required to complete the 1040EZ form and submit it, according to WebCriteria's Task Analysis service.
Last year, as a student, I used the 1040EZ form, but this year, my return was considerably more complicated.
When we got applications in the door from 20-some-things that had 1040EZ forms, we knew these were the first time homebuyers we wanted," he said.
The returns being processed are the most basic of 1040EZ forms and have a narrow range of taxpayer information.
This program allows people to work with volunteers, who are supervised by tax experts, and help them save the $25 to $30 they would otherwise spend for someone else to fill out the 1040 or 1040EZ forms.